CIS Tax Refunds

CIS Tax Refunds for Construction Workers

Can you answer 'YES' to all of the following questions:

1.   Are you self-employed?

2.   Do you work in the Construction Industry?

3.   Do you have a Unique Tax Reference (UTR)?

4.   Do Contractors who you work for deduct CIS Tax from your payments?

If the answer is 'YES', we can file your tax return and help you to reclaim any overpaid Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Tax, which could amount to THOUSANDS of pounds!

As a subcontractor you will be stopped either 20% or 30% tax by the Contractors you work for.  You are able to off-set a range of expenses  against your income which usually means that you have overpaid CIS Tax. Our clients receive an average CIS Tax Refund of £2500 each year. We can back-date claims up to four years, so if you've never claimed before you may be looking at a CIS Tax Refund in the order of £10,000. Of course the exact figure is dependent on your specific circumstances so it may be higher or lower than this.

We at Boomerang Tax have been filing tax returns for CIS Tax clients over 20 years. All returns are filed online directly to HMRC. Our aim is to maximise the amount of CIS Tax refund due from HMRC by claiming every possible expense we can for you.

Our fees are low compared to our competitors, just 10% of the tax refunded, subject to a maximum charge of £300 in any one tax year.

Our Claims Process for CIS Tax Refund Claims:

1. Fill in the form below and send your details to us.

2. We will contact you within 24 hours and request your details with HMRC for us to act as your agent

3. HMRC send you a code through the post, usually within 7 to 14 days

4. While waiting for your code, you send us your accounting records

5. We contact you within 48 hours of receiving your records to discuss and finalise your accounts

6. You send the code you receive from HMRC to us and we use the code to finalise HMRC registration

7. We file your tax return online

8. We collect your CIS Tax Refund, deduct our fee and pay the refund into your bank

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